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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

October 5

Went to open boxes and start feeding , and was disappointed to find that the top bar was nearly empty, no bees save maybe 500 or so,not sure what happened as this box was healthy a month or so ago. Could have been the drought or the record temperatures that we had this year. 
The nuc delta also looks weak as well and this hive was also very strong a month or so ago. Very disheartening after losing one hive over the winter and was hoping to go into the winter with four hives and now looks like maybe two hives will be strong enough to make through the winter.

Not hardly any honey to speak of as well so the year was Kind of a bust all around . If this keeps up I may just stop and cut my losses as this hobby is getting expensive and disappointing to keep up.
As it is I will not continue with the top bar hive, just to much trouble to manage in my opinion. Well that's about it, sorry no pics as I just don't feel at this time like messing with it.


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